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The Universe of Dune with Kevin J Anderson

In the second episode of the Futurists, Kevin J Anderson takes us through his latest bestseller and writing for the Dune Universe over the last 15 years. With 23 million books in print, he’s one of the most prolific science fiction authors today. 

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Robot Avatars with Dr Harry Kloor

Dr. Harry Kloor introduces us to Beomni – the robot avatar that has beaten Musk’s team to creating an AI-assisted, teleoperated humanoid robot

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Super Forecasting with Regina Joseph

An introduction to Phillip Tetlock’s program Superforecasters. We look at the history of the program and how Regina Joseph become the most accurate forecaster in that program.

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What is superforecasting What is the science behind it Regina Joseph discusses on the futurists podcast
the most accurate futurists ross dawson talks ranking on the futurist podcasts

Ranking Futurists with Ross Dawson

Ross Dawson is a futurist bit more than that, he has compiled a list of more than 200 of the top futurists on the planet. We discuss how you can rank and assess futurists in a day and age where so many claim to be futurists.